Problem Site is a problem site. For an exchange, it is horror. I have done business with this site and it has done the business to me. I bought both Digital Coin DGC and Litecoin LTC. No problems. Established wallets and was very happy. Checked the site a few times and every thing seemed great.

Then, the pass word would not work. I tried it many times with no success. Next, I requested a pass word reset. The coinEX site was to send me, my pass word, a new password or a link for establishing a new pass word. Nothing! I waited. Finally I wrote the site for assistance. Thus enters “captainfuture” <>, the site manager. He says there are no problems. Retry. This I do many times, with no success. I retry the password reset and wait. Back to Captainfuture. At this rate he will not make Lieutenant, much less Major.

I again wrote captainfuture and requested that he send me a new password and reset my access. He can not do this. He does not have this capability. Then I ask that he send me my coins and gave him the address for the coins that I have at the site and a new address where I wanted them sent. Nothing.

It seems that I am out over $2000 but not without recourse. I happen to have 4 blogs.  It will take a few days, but soon, when you search for, one of my blogs willl come up with my problems and yours too if you want to comment. In time I will cost his site much more than he has stold from me. But he has taken my party money, So all I have is time.

With Digital Coin and Litecoin down in value, he could get out lite, but if he waits, it will cost him all his business. Who needs someone who cheats and steals your money.


Is Bitcoin a Path to the Future, Or Lemmings Juming Off the Cliff

Bitcoin has soared from nothing to $266 per coin and back to $59.  Today it is trailing along in the $115 to $120 range. It has gone up and down, but seldom below $100. It still has good value. The Bitcoin is a digital currency that is being used all over the world on the internet. Those people who mined coins (made them) when Bitcoin began, have long since recovered the cost of computers and electricity. Many of them are Bitcoin millionaires. Bitcoin is a digital coin that is made from computer encryption and other programs designed by its inventor. It requires several computers either by one person or a group and a lot of electricity. Personally I think about the time that Brown and Root Construction Computer Department called me and asked if they could kill a program that I was running. Mine usually ran in a few minutes. This one had been running several hours and was burning serious computer main frame time. I said kill it. I was glad they did not charge me or my department for the time. It would have cost several thousand dollars. Miners of Bitcoin use a lot of electricity and up to 4 supper gaming computers with some expensive attachments.

The coins are not something that you or I or some one else with the right equipment can duplicate. The encryption is such that you or even the government can not duplicate. Along with that the coins are transparent and every one can see the transaction with all coins. What you can not see is who and where the coin exchange is occurring, unless you were standing there or you were the one buying something. This makes them great for business. It has also been great for gambling on line and the selling of drugs. Both have been using Bitcoin, more and more every day. The ability to hide the buyer and the seller, makes it great for illegal business. A place on the internet called Silk Road sells all kinds of drugs. Some of them are gray area drugs. These are drugs that are available in one place for a cheap price and are expensive elsewhere. Thus with a quick sell, you can get a drug you can not afford, at a price you can afford, plus the drug is mailed to your address in an unmarked package. Many older people are taking advantage of this.

Other businesses are beginning to use Bitcoin. I bought an e-book using a Bitcoin and had it in seconds. The seller has an address. So do you. All you do is enter the transaction from your address to his. The Bitcoin is quickly transferred.  I think my cost for the book was 0.0339 Bitcoin.  That was about $3. Today it is up to $3.89. but the system has adjustments built into it. The price of the book is fixed in dollars and rises or falls with the market.  When the dollar crashes they will come up with a new way to peg the cost. Probably something based on 100.

You also do not have to keep your money in a bank. This is both good and bad. The good, is that you do not have to pay someone to keep your money. The bad news is you need to remember passwords and the address is a very long series of numbers that you would keep in your computer or on a memory stick. No one else can steal it without your password. But then if you do not keep your password on your computer you are safe. Do not write it or leave it where it can be found. Also do not loose it. If you loose your password then you will not be able to access your money. No one else can access your wallet either, but it then becomes dorment and is lost to the Bitcoin.

A word about wallets. A wallet is like an electronic or digital safe where you keep your money. Only you and maybe your wife or mother can access your wallet. You can open a wallet in several locations on the internet for free. Just in starting, I ended up with a wallet account both with Mt.Gox and with BlockChain. BlockChain is basically a wallet company. Mt. Gox is an exchange where you trade all types of currency for Bitcoins. When you exchange your money it is there in dollars or in Bitcoin. It is safe in your account which is password protected, thus a wallet. But I still move mine to my Blockchain wallet. It is also possible to move your money, both dollars or Bitcoin to a wallet on a memory stick or disk. I feel safe at Blockchain, but I have a safe on my computer that is encrypted and that is where I keep all my passwords and my wallet address and name. I now have one password I have to keep. It is to my encrypted safe. I also have a safe with the same password on a memory stick, in case the computer breaks down.

I also use an encrypted browser when I surf. Called Tor this system makes it safe to surf. I can go anywhere and no one can trace me. Maybe for a few jumps, but this system moves you very quickly through several other points making it almost impossible for anyone to follow you.

So the question becomes, am I following a lot of other nuts to my destruction? Am I a lemming? Will I fall over the cliff to my end? I chose to believe not. I think that Bitcoins will change and grow during the next few years, but I also think it will be the best investment that I ever made. The potential for Bitcoin is that I could go into the thousands or even higher. My mind will not let me go there.  One of the best resent articles was in the Wall Street Journal. That article by James Freeman was an interview with Gavin Anderson of the Bitcoin Foundation. Called Bitcoin vs. Ben Bernanke, it stated several truths about the Bitcoin. Jon Matonis of Forbes is probably the best advocate for Bitcoin. He is a fairly good economist and deals cold hard fact about the Bitcoin. He definitely believes in the Bitcoin.

Bitcoins are crossing borders without paying fees or taxes. It is possible to move money from one country to another without restriction nor fear of theft. When you receive the money in the foreign country, often the fee is very small or not at all to change Bitcoin to that currency. It does have its advantages. You can also protect your money. In the banks, your money may be taken by the government or locked in the bank which the government closed. No problem with Bitcoin because they do not know how much or where the money is located. Even if they identify the wallet as yours, they can not make you open it. They may send you to jail or they might be able to make you tell where it was but not before you move it to safety of another wallet. Bitcoin does cause problems for governments. It also makes it difficult for the government to take your money. Time will tell whether Bitcoin will survive. It will also allow time for the evolution of the Bitcoin. Wait and see!

Raising Boys is Much Harder than Girls

Maybe the four daughters that “We” had were exceptional, but all in all the girls were less a problem. I have to qualify that. The oldest girl was 10 when I divorced, the youngest 7. Still for a while I was able to influence their growth. When the oldest was 15 they started to drift away, and I can not claim their growth except for the base I helped to provide.

The fourth was a dream till she entered Junior High School. Then she became a free born spirit but only became involved with cigarettes and some lite drinking. At 18 she fought for freedom. She got an apartment, a job and a girl room mate. She maintained this until she was approaching 21. Then she fell to peer pressure and started living with her boyfriends. She managed to survive this without children. Finally She found mr right and was married. She now has two girls and a son. All are coming along well.

So the girls were easy. After my wife and I had spent some time in China working for Philips Petroleum, we found ourselves retired in El Paso with nothing to do, and daughter number 4 out of the house. My wife came in and suggested we take state foster classes. I thought she was crazy, but went along with it. Foster is not like raising a kid. We graduated and received our first three kids. A sibling group of three boys, 5, 3 and eleven months. The oldest was very quite and the middle one very aggressive. The third was a bouncing baby boy that resembled a fire plug. They were fun. We both enjoyed their presence and had fun playing with and parenting. The first 5 years were normal and happened with little problems. We moved from El Paso, because we felt the boys would grow up better in the Hill Country of Texas. This was a blessing and a curse.

The middle boy was the real problem in parenting. From kindergarten on he was often in some small trouble. Finally in the 4th grade, he destroyed a teacher, because she had done something he did not like. Trashing her desk and files, was just part of it. The teacher was unable to handle it and quit. Our son was expelled until he was ready to come back to school. This happened in November and the son did not go back to school until January. It took counseling and medicine, but he was much better when he went back. In the process the third son was also found to be ADD and needed medicine and glasses. All was well for a while.

The boys were enrolled in Tae Kwan Doe and beginning to do Boy Scouts. They also did Little League Baseball and were really enjoying life, we thought. At a point that they were all almost to Black Belt, they quit. Seems the instructor was a little to strong, and they did not like his attitude. When the oldest would not go back the two others followed suite.

The oldest son did enjoy Little League and was an All Star till he was 13. Then they let another boy who was older be an All Star and said he would make it the next year. It took the wind out of his sails. He no longer had an interest on the level he had been playing. Only in his Senior year in Football did he start to get it back and then he broke his ankle. ]

Also about that time the older boys did a  pact to no work at home. It was very evident that they had quit the family and chose to blame the parents and not themselves. This continued and only the older boy has tried to apologize. The middle boy will be an old man and I will be dead before he lets his mother know he was wrong. He will work for short spurts if you pay, but do not expect him to put in a day.

The middle boy quit the family. He said he wanted out. He assaulted me and his mother. Neither have been hurt bad, but we suffer from back and other springs. On several instances I have had to call the Sheriff. On two he was arrested. On the last he spent two months in Jail for terrorist attack on his family. We did not know of this charge, but it will keep him out of the Marines. Do when still work with him. Of course. Ours was a life long commitment when we adopted. Why do I call the Sheriff? At 77 I am no longer able to handle a teenager who is 6’3″ and weighs almost 200 pounds. If I do try, it will be very violent and I do not want to go there. I am even licensed to carry a gun, but I will not shoot him for an attack on me. I will shoot if he attacks his mother with intent to hurt. There is a line, he can not cross. Do I warn him? No. He has a tendency to take challenges.

What do you do? I pray and hope. He is very smart, but not smart enough. He is intelligent but often very dumb. He is a boy.

The third boy has remorse, but he copies his brother. Because of this we try to keep them apart. The third boy is at a local christian home for misguided boys and girls. He is trying to learn up, but I fear the people raising hiim do not have a clue. They try. When the middle son leaves High School and starts to work or leaves the area, then I may bring him back home. We will see. I would like to see him play football at home where his parents can watch. We have talked to his day and he has grown into a fine man. He would like to meet his son, but does not want to interfere. His mother is a meddler. We do not know how to deal with her.

Yes, raising girls is much easier than boys. With boys I used every known punishment and reward known to man. With girls a slight tap on the head with a ring reversed. Got their attention and served as a good warning. Very easy.

Living with a 14 Year Old Pain

It amazes me that I have lived this long without killing my 14 year old son. He is of this deadbeat generation. Unlike me and his mother, he has no respect for his parents. He is angry at everything, and will not work without throwing a fit. He was adopted before he was one year old.  And has had a good life with more than he deserves. He is a natural born slob. He has no eating manners and few good manners for his parents.

He does have some manners outside the home, but not all that are needed. He does not rise to meet an elder. He does not always say Mam  or Sir. He will do uncouth things in public. ( I guess that is 14ish.) He does nothing well, because I think he fears that if he does it well, he will have to do it again. He finishes nothing. He changes cloths every 15 minutes and has worn out mirrors trying to see if he is getting hansom. Yes I guess some of this is typical teenager, but it ceases there.

He curses his parents and breaks anything at hand. As long as it is not his it is OK to break it. He will break anything that is his mothers. He lies and covers for his brothers. Had I done that at 14, both my mother and dad would have broken me. Do I react, yes. And it has cost. We have been investigated by Family Protective Services twice. Both times with the same results. We were not fond at fault for what the child had claimed.

Then his 16 soon to be 17 year old son gets 15 days of suspension for screaming at his house mother. Of course he comes home and screams at his father and mother.

What is going on here, you ask. We would like to know also. We have a 38 year old daughter and both of us come from conservative families. My wife had some screaming in her family but she had 8 brothers and sisters. I had two brothers.

The answer lies in the first five years of theses boys lives. Their older brother was their keeper. He was 5. The other two boys were 3 and 1. The father was busy having children and affairs. The mother was a party girl and dropped them off at he mother’s for days at a time. The grandmother had a boyfriend, so she let the 5 year old raise the other two. Massive neglect. The youngest was 6 months old when taken from his mother. He was 11 months old when we adopted them. We gave them massive love, but maybe to much.. The  began to sour after 5 years. The oldest who was a gifted athlete was the first to show signs that something was wrong. He began to slow down and not put out for his teams and dad. Soon the second child who was ADD began to have problems with his peers and teachers. Now the oldest would make straight As and the second could, but would get mad and punish a teacher. One quiet school. The youngest was doing well, but a little slow. He also was ADD. Buy high school the oldest would not speak to his dad and the second was beginning to opt out of his family. A strange concept to his parents.

Everything points to spoiling the boys. We did not give them everything, but we gave them a lot. Little league, Ta Kwan Doe and Boy Scouts.  All made at least Star and the second was close to making Eagle. The youngest is nearing life and has a chance, They all quit Ta Kwan Doe at the last rank before Black Belt. The oldest excelled at school and football. He flunked out of his first semester in college. Was not mentally prepared. The second plays in the band and does well at trumpet. He does real bad at family skills. The third is lazy, ill mannered, a real clod. He often misses his mouth when eating.

It will be interesting seeing these boys grow up. The oldest is in the Marines and doing well. He writes home and encourages his little brother. I do not think he likes his middle brother. He will make a good Marine. He father told him he would have trouble making it, so he excels. Got Him! May have to put the second in jail. He tends to put his heavy hand on his mother. The third plods through school. Wants to be a writer, but does not study. He will have to work hard to succeed.

I am 75 and beginning to blog. I am best a Civil War History, but we will see what happens here. They tell me that bi polar kids do well. The second boy has been diagnosed with this as was his mother. I can not imagine him as a surgeon or pilot, But what do I know. I only have 4 daughters and three sons, 4 dogs and two cats. Luckily, I have only had two wives, but the second is trying to make up for it.


Did You Ever

Did you ever have and idea that just sat there? It did nothing and went know where. That is  the story of this blog. It is bought and paid for for two years and just sits. An idea unfinished. Oh I have a website, actually three. Another unused blog like this, and two that are working sites.

The first working site is a history site that covers a Civil War Cavalry Brigade and its four regiments. It is fun and it keeps me busy. Its blog is well attended, but not for the history but for the comments and writing. Some times I comment on history and others on the world in general. <> The Whitfield – Ross Texas Cavalry Brigade. And the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 27th Texas Cavalry Regiments. At the bottom of the first page is the blog, entry.

The second working site is a sales site that includes camping stoves and associated equipment. Here I have a blog that discusses stoves and related items. Survival was my latest. I am always adding stoves and articles.

The other unused blog was going to be about business, but I do not have time to do proper research.

Oh-Oh! I do have one more website. I also webmaster a boy scout website for the troop that my son attends. I publish the scout activities and a copy of their records for them and parents to view. This required about 30 minutes a week.

This is the first writing on this site and certainly not the last. What is this site about. You will just have to wait and see. At this point I think I will write about daily events.

Who am I. I am a 75 year old retired US Army Engineer. Highest rank, Lieutenant Colonel. Certainly a maverick. I was a sergeant in 1959. I spent 32 years in the Army, Completed two degrees, Architecture and Business Administration. I completed the Command and General Staff College course and have worked for Corporate Brown and Root and in several construction environments in heavy construction. Coal mines, Perto-Chemical Plant constructions, the Great Man Made River Project, Pipelines and highway construction. I have ran a boot company and a barbecue restaurant and catering business. As I have said above, I like history. I do Boy Scouts. I sing barbershop, baritone. I have dogs and cats, girls and boys. I had three daughters, now in their 40’s. A fourth daughter is in her 30’s, second wife. And I have three adopted boys, one 18 in the Marines. One 17 in high school and one 14 who will go to high school in the fall. I also belong to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the reason for my first website and I am looking at the Sons of the American Revolution.

No, I am not busy. I do have a garden.



Hello from NOLAWORLD


These pages will be dedicated to starting and running a web/blog business site. All ads will relate to start up needs and fulfillment. Questions and comment are wanted and solicited. Here you can see or seek your business model. Each of us starts some where. Here are some concrete tools to help you start your business.

Web domain and blog sites.

I have started several web sites. Some were dedicated to History and the Civil War. These have been up and running since 2002. Opening business sites is fun and can be profitable if you put in a little work and effort. See this site for a understanding of the term domain and domain name.

It simply says that a domain is a space on the web that can be controlled by an authority. Thus the name of that domain is something that is registered and allows a business to control that space for business. Domains and names can be sold. That is what a web hosting site does for its business. They add more periphery ads to make more money and they offer add-ons and plug-ins for the same purpose.  Bluehost and Go Daddy are typical. Type “domain” in Google or any other browser and you will see many different domains named for sale.

A comment: It does not matter what you pay for your Domain, or Domain Name. Those are your choices but look around and understand what they have to offer. Look at others. They may cost less and have more. Unless you are rich, do not pay over $10 per year. All of the web hosting sites are in the business to make money. The more they lock you in to pay for two years,  the better for them. You may not be ready for some features. Buy the features when you need them. Buy the secure site feature so you will not be bombed by the sales companies. World Press is free. You can upload it to your web site. If you just want to write a blog, upload the .com version at the World Press .com site. Go to the .org site if you desire to do business on your web site and to have links and business support. The support that I have at Yahoo, Go Daddy and BlueHost is good. Let me know if you find better. My BoyScout site is questionable because of the cost.

With a domain and web host, you will be able to do business. Upload world press and you are ready for business. I will cover more in future blogs.