Problem Site is a problem site. For an exchange, it is horror. I have done business with this site and it has done the business to me. I bought both Digital Coin DGC and Litecoin LTC. No problems. Established wallets and was very happy. Checked the site a few times and every thing seemed great.

Then, the pass word would not work. I tried it many times with no success. Next, I requested a pass word reset. The coinEX site was to send me, my pass word, a new password or a link for establishing a new pass word. Nothing! I waited. Finally I wrote the site for assistance. Thus enters “captainfuture” <>, the site manager. He says there are no problems. Retry. This I do many times, with no success. I retry the password reset and wait. Back to Captainfuture. At this rate he will not make Lieutenant, much less Major.

I again wrote captainfuture and requested that he send me a new password and reset my access. He can not do this. He does not have this capability. Then I ask that he send me my coins and gave him the address for the coins that I have at the site and a new address where I wanted them sent. Nothing.

It seems that I am out over $2000 but not without recourse. I happen to have 4 blogs.  It will take a few days, but soon, when you search for, one of my blogs willl come up with my problems and yours too if you want to comment. In time I will cost his site much more than he has stold from me. But he has taken my party money, So all I have is time.

With Digital Coin and Litecoin down in value, he could get out lite, but if he waits, it will cost him all his business. Who needs someone who cheats and steals your money.


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